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Last Updated: 08/21/2010
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August 21st, 2010 Presents the OTHER Dorm Essentials Shopping List
After you’ve matched the pillows with the comforter and the rug, move on to what really matters., the only online store that offers comprehensive dorm and study abroad safety solutions, presents the ideal dorm safety shopping list for women. Most traditional dorm shopping lists will never address what really matters when it comes to having a safe and secure four years on campus and it certainly may be more fun to buy decorations and lighting fixtures, but giving some thought to student safety can save thousands by protecting valuables and then there’s the priceless value of protecting yourself or loved ones.

Here are some of our recommendations for all any woman needs to be safe on campus:

SecureVault Low Profile Dorm Safe - $100. Fits laptops up to 15” and also has room to store digital cameras, iPods, cell phones, jewelry, important documents and virtually anything else you need to protect.

Security Cable Lock- $21.49. Can be used to secure the dorm safe to dorm furniture. Also has attachements to secure digital cameras to desks.

Kensington ComboSaver Notebook Lock- $26. With laptops costing up to $3,000 commonplace on campus, it simply makes sense to arm yourself with a strong cable lock when you use your laptop in the library or elsewhere around the campus. You can’t carry around your safe everywhere you go after all.

Drink Test Coasters - $14. Unfortunately drinking and college campuses are sometimes problems waiting to happen. With one in five women statistics indicating that one in five women will be sexually assaulted at some point during their four years in college, it makes sense to avoid putting yourself in a compromised position by drinking too much and surrounding yourself with others who do so. While that is not always possible, drink test coasters are available to help protect women in drinking situations from drinks that have been spiked with several date rape drugs. Each test card has two tests included and they are sold in packages of 10 cards.

Pepper Spray -$8. It is always best to walk in a group on campus at night and certainly while off campus. Still, it is smart to be prepared with a quality pepper spray to ensure that you can temporarily disable an assailant so you can get away to safety quickly. Pepper sprays can be found with leather or plastic cases, and some are even molded into jogging weights for hidden protection when jogging alone.

Toshiba External Hard Drive (640 GB) $176. Although not always kept top of mind, it is critical that students have back up hard drives. These are essential to protect any important data and school papers you have stored on your computer. Computer hard drives wear out more often than you think. Before you lose everything you’ve worked so hard on when your drive fries, start out by backing everything up on an external hard drive. Well worth the investment.

For those studying abroad, add these items:

Helix Personal sized safe
- $18. For travel purposes, this safe is light weight and easy to pack. It will protect your passport, cash and other important items while you travel.

International Cell Phone $179.   From Cellular Abroad and National Geographic, the Duet Talk Abroad cell phone has two Sim cards. One allows a US number, the other providesan international cell phone number and allows affordable local calls in over 147 countries. Stay connected to fellow travelers as well as family back home. Study Abroad Portable Room Alarm $13.25 This travel alarm has both the piercing alarm of a personal alarm, as well as a motion detector that will help you feel secure in any dorm room, youth hostel or hotel room abroad.

Rob Pellizzi, Founder of, notes “ Time spent on campus or studying abroad should be positive, life changing experiences. Spending a little time preparing for your safety will pay off in allowing parents and students to “worry less” about being safe on campus and relax and enjoy the experience knowing that you are prepared for whatever happens.” is a registered trademark of Act Three Marketing LLC. 2010

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